Concertina Book Workshop

365 daily drawings, hand stiched in a Concertina Book
365 One Thing A Day


Fri 24 May 1:00pm - 3:30pm


Free, booking required


George Paton Gallery Arts Lab, University of Melbourne, Art & Cultural Building, Level 1/159 Monash Rd, Parkville VIC 3010
George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, Monash Road, Parkville VIC, Australia


In this 2.5 hour workshop, attendants will be guided through making an original concertina book utilising their own artworks. Participants will first create the works they want to include (of any 2D medium) and then create a small concertina book by pleating the paper or stitching the pages together. The theme of the workshop is identity, and participants are encouraged to create works that speak to who they are and their experiences by drawing on memories and perhaps even tales of childhood. All materials are provided.

Presented by Christina Darras and George Paton Gallery Arts Lab.
This workshop is presented at the Arts Lab, an open-access art studio for creative activity coordinated by the University of Melbourne Student Union.

Christina Darras Facilitator

Christina Darras is an interdisciplinary artist who investigates issues of identity and non-identity through tactile practice using painting, drawing, printmaking, and embroidery. She lives and works in Mentone, Bunurong Country, and considers her practice conceptual making.