Designing An Australian Garden Past Event

Designing an Australian garden, image courtesy of Uro Publications


Wed 24 May 6:00pm - 7:00pm


Booking required


5/30 Perry Street, Collingwood VIC, Australia


Professional garden design has a short but rich history in Australia, dominated by the influence of 20th-century luminaries such as Edna Walling, Ellis Stones and Gordon Ford. These brilliant individuals were in large part responsible for celebrating and popularising a distinctly ‘Australian’ approach to garden-making, which emphasised the use of native plants, and local ecological systems and landforms.

But Australia has changed a lot since the close of the last century, both climatically and culturally. What makes for a successful garden in Australia now? What characterises contemporary Australian garden design, as distinct from the legacy of these 20th century greats?


Join garden designer Fiona Brockhoff and landscape architect Kate Cullity in a conversation considering these questions and how these two renowned experts approach the design of their own gardens.

Presented by Uro Publications
Uro is a multi-award winning publisher of architecture and design books.

Fiona Brockhoff Speaker

Fiona Brockhoff is an Australian garden designer and author of the recent book, With Nature. Her own garden, created on a windswept sand dune on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, has been profiled all over the world and is widely regarded as an iconic contemporary garden. Fiona’s designs draw on rich plant palettes of foliage, colour and form, and champion the use of indigenous plants and local materials used sustainably.

Kate Cullity Speaker

Kate is a founding director of TCL and is a nationally and internationally recognised, published and awarded landscape architect and environmental artist, with particular skills in the design of public and private gardens, and the integration of public art with landscape and urban design. Kate is currently working on a forthcoming book with Uro Publications exploring the garden designs of TCL.

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