DIY Screen Printing with Sticky Institute

DIY Screen Printing with Sticky Institute. Artist: Samantha Riegl


Sun 28 May 10:00am - 5:00pm


Booking required


44 Domain Road, Melbourne VIC, Australia


Design and print your own repeating pattern on a tote bag with help the of Sticky Institute residents, Helen Graham & Samantha Riegl.

Learn how to design and create a stencil, pull and produce cool customized textiles. Attendees are welcome to bring up to ten extra items they want to customize with their patterns.

Presented by Sticky Institute
Sticky Institute is a shop and resource devoted entirely to zines. We sell zines on behalf of zinemakers, and since opening in 2001 have stocked over 12,000 zine titles

Helen Graham Facilitator

Helen Graham is a Naarm (Melbourne) based artist, illustrator and zinester creating fantastical worlds.


Samantha Riegl Facilitator

Samantha Riegl is an artist, maker, web surfer and pigeon fancier in Naarm (Melbourne).


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