limiting writing to expand thought Past Event

no more poetry: limiting writing to expand thought


Sun 21 May 3:00pm - 3:45pm


Free, no booking required


180 Saint Kilda Road, Southbank Melbourne, VIC, Australia


‘no more poetry’ editors daniel ward and Joshua Edward speak to poets Rachel Schenberg and Jordi Infeld about their new book Certainly (certainly). Inspired by the 3:15 Experiment (Mayer, Hofer, Dinsmore, Brown) the poets have written a poem at 1:53am each day for 30 days.

The panel discussion and poetry reading will focus on somatic, embodied writing rituals and exercises as valuable parameters for poetic and philosophical exploration. The reading will explore a range of different ritualized writing tasks, focusing on themes of motivation, inspiration, collaboration and purpose.

Auslan interpreting is available upon request, please use contact link below. Requests must be sent at least 10 days prior to event. 

Presented by no more poetry
“sometimes we are hurried // others proud and standing // sometimes just enough to write // sometimes, which is the real poem, // we do not write at all we let nobody have it.” printing poems in so called Melbourne. bi-monthly poetry collections and sporadic ephemera.

daniel ward Speaker

no more poetry

Joshua Edward Speaker

no more poetry

Rachel Schenberg Speaker

Author, Certainly (certainly)

Jordi Infeld Speaker

Author, Certainly (certainly)