Surf Life: From passion project to publication Past Event

Surf Life by Gill Hutchison, photography by Willem-Dirk du Toit


Thu 25 May 6:00pm - 7:00pm


Free, booking required


1C Baines Crescent, Torquay VIC, Australia


“But how did you do it?” It’s the most common question writer and photographer team, Gill Hutchison and Willem-Dirk du Toit are asked about their book ‘Surf Life’.

Join them as they explore the world of publishing and give an insight into how ‘Surf Life’ evolved from a passion project into a published book by well-respected publishers Thames & Hudson.

Exploring publishing industry questions like how the concept came to be, how they pitched the idea, how they found the women to be featured, how to produce a book with a small budget and time constraints, and who makes the final decisions.

The long-term friends and creative team will share an insight into their learnings and experience.

Presented by Gill Hutchison and Willem-Dirk du Toit

Gill Hutchison  Speaker

Gill Hutchison worked in the publishing industry for over ten years and when surfing took hold, she left the publishing world in the city to pursue a dream of life by the sea. Gill loves a chat in the surf carpark almost as much as surfing itself. In 2012 she bought a 1960s shack and after a short stint working in the surf industry landed her dream job in a bookshop. She lives on the Surf Coast with her son, Rex, and their dog, Betty. @babes_on_waves

Willem-Dirk du Toit Speaker

Willem-Dirk du Toit’s father handed him a camera at the age of twelve and from there began a lifelong passion for photography. Growing up in South Africa he spent his holidays as a teen hitchhiking to his favourite surf spots. His desire for travel took him to London for three years in his early twenties. A yearning for more adventure launched a round-the-world trip from London that brought him to Australia in 2006, where he has lived ever since. Willem runs a successful architecture photography practice in Melbourne. He is constantly checking the surf forecast and will jump in his van any chance he can to find a wave. He lives in Melbourne with his young son, Etienne. @willem_dirk