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Sat 19 Mar
4:00 pm


Room 3, Level 7, The Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC, Australia

About MeMO Review

MeMO Review launched in 2017 as Melbourne’s only weekly art criticism. MeMO is published each Saturday morning, and presents reviews of art exhibitions in Melbourne, regional Victoria and, from 2022, Sydney. It offers new critical perspectives from a new generation of Australian art scholars, writers and artists.

Everyone’s a Critic: MeMO 05 Book Launch Past Event

Presented by MeMO Review

MeMO Review publishes Melbourne’s only weekly art criticism each Saturday morning. Please join us at 99% Gallery in the Nicholas Building to celebrate MeMO Review’s annual print edition of 2021 reviews.

Amelia Winata Speaker

President and a contributing editor of MeMO Review.

Paris Lettau Speaker

Secretary and a contributing editor of MeMO Review.

Cameron Hurst Speaker

Treasurer and a contributing editor of MeMO Review.