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Sat 26 Mar
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Rear 4 Peel St Sth, Ballarat Central VIC


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Independent Publishing – Meet The Publisher Past Event

Presented by Everybody Knows Books

Ever dreamed of publishing your own book? With hundred’s of high-quality books from local Australian authors only, Shawline Publishing have helped many writers live that dream. Managing director Bradley Shaw will explain the business of independent publishing, and how you might see your own story in print. Bradley will be accompanied by a selection of published Shawline authors who will describe their journey from inspiration to the printed page.

Bradley Shaw Speaker

Bradley Shaw is the Managing Director of Shawline Publishing. He brings his connections and skills to the offering. He is often frustrated by aspects of the changing publishing process and limited opportunities in the market for new voices and believes every writer should write first and not be bogged in or overwhelmed by sales and marketing processes that are expensive and time wasting to writers. He designed the Shawline Publishing agency using the hybrid model of collective authors contributing small amounts to the overall benefits of the groups marketing and promotional values, allowing for higher brand development for all authors in the community.