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Sat 26 Mar
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


404 George Street, Fitzroy VIC, Australia


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About Melbourne Photobook Collective

The Melbourne Photobook Collective is a group of artists who share an interest in making, reading, and talking about photobooks.

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Working photographically, thinking textually Past Event

Presented by Melbourne Photobook Collective

Each member of the Melbourne Photobook Collective takes a different approach to thinking textually as we make photographs, design books and prepare to share our work. In this panel discussion, we describe our practices with examples connected to research, captioning, poetry, essay writing and collaborative practices. We also discuss our varied reasons for thinking textually, the choices we make, the processes we engage in and the impact of making textual and visual connections both for ourselves and the readers of our work.

Anne Davies Speaker

Anne Davies enjoys the challenge of extended, multifaceted photographic projects. She often incorporates handmade books.

Mike Reed Speaker

Mike Reed’s books explore the offbeat ideas abounding the back streets.

William Stewart Speaker

William Stewart’s photography exhibits a peripatetic quality, engendered by immersing himself into the character of a place at the slow pace of walking.

Suzanne Phoenix Speaker

Suzanne Phoenix grasps every opportunity to document people and subcultures ranging from those exploring gender and sexual fluidity to small town country shows.

Stuart Murdoch Speaker

Stuart Murdoch explores chance and time as he wanders around urban Melbourne looking to siphon off the unusual, the odd or the quirky.