A Published Event

A Published Event (APE) is the collaborative partnership of artists, writers and publishers, Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward. Making long-term relational artworks through shared acts of public telling, Phillips & Woodward explore chance encounter, constructed situations and the shared authorship of lived experience. They work with artists and writers, materials and ideas, writing, prose, book-works and performance.

In 2021, APE completed their epic, five-year slow-publishing artwork, Lost Rocks (2017–21). Composing 43 printed fictiōnellas by 46 artists, this unique library is an accumulative event of mineralogical, metaphysical and metallurgical telling. The work is part artwork, part curatorial platform and part experiment in publishing as art practice. Composed by Woodward & Phillips, the library’s final fictiōnella, ‘Zinc Ore’ sweeps a narrative from Tasmania’s takayna/Tarkine to the industrial megalith of the zinc works in nipaluna/Hobart. The price of this edition fluctuates daily, reflecting the shifting price of zinc on the global market. In addition to the complete Lost Rocks (2017–21) library, APE will present their Deluxe Field Library Edition which includes a hand-made travelling fieldwork case made by renowned Tasmanian furniture maker Linda Fredheim, specimens of West Coast stichtite serpentine, rare Tasmanian timbers, hand-etched copper plate and postcards.