Cupboard Magazine

Naarm / Melbourne

Cupboard is an independently published art publication featuring new and experimental work from an array of emerging artists. Cupboard is interested in fashion, photography, and writing. We publish annually and are set to release issue 2 early next year. Cupboard is produced by graphic designer Ned Shannon and editor Chloe Hagger. Together they test new ideas relating to graphic design, both in the pages of the magazine and in the realm of advertising. Cupboard promotes artistic endeavours that may not otherwise have a platform, heralding creative and resourceful expressions in fashion, style, photography, and writing. Cupboard is about to launch a series of zines, smaller publications created collaboratively by artists and designers. These zines will be classic photocopy zines available to purchase at a low cost. The will focus on process driven, behind the scenes content from cupboards contributing artists, giving audiences a window into the the creative process. We would love to be given the opportunity to present these works, and Cupboards second issue, at the art book fair.