Huge Mumma Spice Merchant

You’ve heard of Cezanne, Blyton, Botticelli, linguine and Picasso. You’ve learned about Cubism, Surrealism, Bureau 39 and Dada.Have you heard of Huge Mumma Spice Merchant?It’s the all new studio/entity/artist/collective/umbrella. The latest in history book territory. The new name to be confused by, yet proud to know of. Imagine, you’re at a dinner party and the inevitable conversation of art history feuds arises. Duchamp vs. Freytag-Loringhoven, Colour Field vs Action Painting, Rock vs Disco. “Yeah but what about Huge Mumma vs Spice Merchant? “Did you see that? Subtle. Yet in a single sentence you’ve positioned yourself within the room as one who knows of the past, yet knows of something much more relevant. The future classic: Huge Mumma Spice Merchant.

Huge Mumma Spice Merchant is a a print studio/art lab/good-things-foundry run by Artek Halpern-Laurence in Warrandyte on Wurundjeri land. The studio hosts workshops and collaborations which focus on printmaking and its ability to create connection between people by making art more sharable and accessible as well as demystifying print processes.