Kids' Own Publishing

Kids’ Own Publishing creates books by children, for children. Through collaborative workshops and creative activities, we work alongside children and their adults to develop one-of-a-kind publications which are particular to the lives and local practices of each community of creators, reflecting their culture, identity and imagination. Our work embodies child-centred and child-safe practices, and our projects uphold the rights of the child – particularly in relation to language and culture. We believe that self-representation, self-expression and visibility are powerful. When children publish books that reflect their own worlds (real and imaginary), they activate their inherent agency and creativity, and strengthen their resilience, connection and self-confidence.

Our recently launched KidsPublish app allows children to digitally create 8-page books using an iPad and lets kids express their imagination in a format they can print and share. Designed for children aged 3-16 years, KidsPublish promotes literacy, creative thinking and confidence in a fun, engaging way at home and in the classroom. The app will be available to trial at the Kids’ Own stall during the Melbourne Art Book Fair.