Linou Press

Linou Press is an independent publisher and creates high quality books on art and culture. Linou Press was launched at the 2021 NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair and presented a street activation event, where the publisher painted an impression of the book cover on a wall in Hosier lane. The book is Jack Linou: The Art of An Outsider and the short stories and artworks celebrates the creative practice of an artist who lived through the extremes of drug use, HIV / AIDS and depression. The second publication, Polis Politic: Streets Guerrilla Art looks at the social/ political implications of graffiti why  street art is an important aspect of popular culture. The book examines works from Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Melbourne, New York and Paris.  Guerrilla street art is a form of anti-art that defies authority. This book explores a range of methods used and an international scope of artists who occupy the streets as a way of life, taking risks to protest against rules and regulations, by marking the urban landscape with socio-political imagery and commentary.