Postcard Journal

As a spontaneous idea to keep my creative energy during quarantine life active, useful and enjoyable, I started a simple craft project sending handcrafted postcards to my friends overseas while sheltering at Safety Beach in Melbourne, Australia from March through April 2020. Postcard Journal, the work presented here is the second phase of the project – a collection of 20 select postcards (a series iphonegraphy of 20 select hand drawn postcards to be exact) from the craft project, and short essays on the backstories behind the creation of each card. Curating, designing and editing this book represents the very personal art healing process to reconnect with myself and to regenerate positivity during the pandemic.

It’s been such a content and happy experiment on how one could stay optimistic, share positivity as well as explore new possibilities alongside uncertainty. First printed at Little Print in Melbourne last June, Postcard Journal is a 124 pages colourful work (24cm H x 18cm W) on the most suitable recyclable art paper available at the difficult time – it has been the greatest achievement of my journey in Melbourne: a personal archive, a curated iPhonegraphic album, a travel journal with illustrated postcards and stories. It has also become a love letter to my dearest family and friends, and an intimate recollection of the places I have traveled and lived.