VAULT Magazine (Published by Art Ink)

Published quarterly by Art Ink, VAULT identifies the pre-eminent artists, designers, collectors and enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. With an enduring interest in fashion, architecture, food, literature and the finest forms of visual expression, VAULT offers a fresh and insightful perspective into the world and mind of the creative. Each issue champions a new sense of appreciation for contemporary creativity and speaks fluently to a community of readers passionate about the arts and corresponding culture. Art Ink oversees three arts and culture magazine imprints, VAULT Magazine, ‘to Be’ magazine and Union Magazine, as well as publishing and distributing a number of thoughtfully designed art books. Art Ink’s magazine imprints together offer insight into the evolving cultural landscape covering art exhibitions and events, upcoming and established creatives, and current news in music, design, architecture and fashion. Art Ink books are cohesive representations of an artist’s life, ongoing practice or body of work — geared towards providing important context to visual art.