Gertrude Street Market by Lee Mathews


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Gertrude Street Market by Lee Mathews
13 Gertrude St, Fitzroy Victoria 3065, Australia

The brand genesis of Lee Mathews is the stuff of cinematic narrative: a creative who was an illustrator and art director for Vogue Australia starts making clothes for herself and her friends on the kitchen table, upgrading to a small workshop in Sydney’s Newport when demand increased and babies and dressmaking pins became incompatible.

By retaining the core belief that she should simply, ‘make good things,’ the brand has navigated its way, quietly but determinedly, to be a global fashion force selling not only locally in Australia but through respected international platforms as well.

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Book launch Talk

In Conversation with Lee Mathews: ‘Growing Independent Fashion Brands’ Book Launch

Presented by Oak Park Studio and Lee Mathews
30 May