Artist Victoria Wareham's work titled

Acts of Translation

Presented by Platform Arts
18-19 May (2 sessions)

Artist Talk: David Frazer

Presented by Castlemaine Art Museum
28 May

These Three Worlds: Roundtable

Presented by Commoners Press
27 May
I square oil painting made up of dynamic hard edged and circular shapes in various tones of red, green and blue, built up from small texural brush strokes.

Group Show II

Presented by Stray Pages
26-28 May (3 sessions)

Humpty Doom

Presented by Bad News Books
20 May
Artist Laurie Oxenford bends down in front of a brick wall to photograph a small alcove in a mossy city street with her mobile phone.

Feasibility Study: Civic Imaginaries

Presented by Platform Arts
23-25 May (4 sessions)